topic discussion 5

Discussion #4 – Presentation Analysis

Please post your reply to the prompts by 11:59 PM on Wednesday.

Please reply to at least two other students by 5:00 PM on Friday.


Directions: Review Brene Brown’s famous TEDTalk on vulnerability and evaluate her presentation skills by addressing the prompts below. Make sure to incorporate evidence from Brene’s presentation and language/terms from the question when addressing each prompt.

Analysis Questions:

1.) Discuss the effectiveness of Brene’s attention-grabber.

2.) Evaluate Brene’s statement of purpose. Was it clear at the beginning what Brene was presenting on?

3.) Evaluate Brene’s ability to deliver extemporaneously.

4.) Analyze Brene’s nonverbal cues (e.g. eye contact with the audience, facial expressions, and overall body language.

TEDTalk: Listening to Shame