tree structure homework

// Make a big tree full of data and nodes that

        // we can do something useful with._x000D_
        TernaryTree root = createBigTree();_x000D_
        // Your task is to print out the largest element of the tree._x000D_
        // You must use one of the methods from Tree structure. That may_x000D_
        // be the visitor pattern, depth-first search, breadth-first_x000D_
        // search, or any other method from (Chapter 17 of java late object book)to find the_x000D_
        // largest element of a tree._x000D_
        // You may add code to TernaryTree, but do not remove or modify(the code for the _x000D_
            TernaryTreeTester and TernaryTree is given) _x000D_
        // any existing methods. You may add code to the inner Node class,_x000D_
        // but do not modify the existing fields. You may add code to this_x000D_
        // file, but do not modify the 'createBigTree()' method.