two parts writing assignment 030

Part 1: Answer the following questions, each one at least 150 words.

1.In this discussion post, after you review the material in the Assignment Description, Conducting Genre Analysis, etc, you will share the genre you are going to analyze (i.e. – travel and Leisure, newspaper editorials, etc.) and explain why you chose the genre you did. You will also post three examples of the genre within your discussion post (you may upload the examples).

2.This week you will work on Step 2 of Genre Analysis. Please refer to “Conducting Genre Analysis” under the blue Genre Analysis tab on home page of blackboard.

You will be making the following observations about the situation in which your genre is used – more details are in the documents provided under Genre Analysis tab:

Please observe the following:





3. In this third Discussion Post, you are going to look at the 4th step in “Conducting Genre Analysis.”

Step 4: Make observations about the textual features of the representative samples. By making observations, you will see how writers use different “rhetorical moves” for different genres. Rhetorical moves are strategies writers use depending on their purpose. As you make observations, start to think about why? Why do writers use the items/features that they do in a certain genre? Your last discussion post will get into more of the “why” so for now just make a lot of observations!

Observations about the text overall:

1. What are striking features of the text? – Striking features are features that stand out to the reader and have a particular purpose or function. For example, a striking feature in an artist’s portfolio could be the font the artist uses to describe their work. Or a striking feature in a Restaurant Review could be the catchy adjectives used to describe a dish.

2. What content is included? – Here you will observe in detail the content in your genre. For example – what is your genre about? Is it informational content – teaches you something or is full of facts. Is it descriptive content – filled with adjectives – perhaps some opinions? etc.

3. How is the content organized? – Here you will describe the format of your genre – is it written in paragraphs, does it use bullet points, both? Are there photos, etc? What comes first, second and so on. Are there patterns from one example to another?

4. What is the tone of the text? Is it formal, informal, a combination, light, serious, funny, etc.

4. Your Final Discussion Post will be:

Observations about each section/paragraph in the text:

1. What kinds of moves are made in each section/paragraph? (In other words, can you divide each section into smaller parts based on the purpose of those parts? What is the purpose of each part?) For example: In a Cover Letter, an author’s first move is to give a brief introduction – so the “move” or purpose is to introduce themselves to the reader. Look at each “part” of your genre (some genres have more sections or parts than others) and explain the move or purpose of each part. If you are unsure of the move or think there is more than one purpose, than explain that as well.

2. What are the specific language characteristics represented by this text? Describe each of the following:

• Statement types (e.g., declarative, questions, commands)

• Verb tense (e.g., past, present)

• 1st, 2nd, or 3rd person point of view (e.g., we, you, object)

• Passive or active voice

• Formal or informal language

• Complexity of sentences (e.g., long noun phrases)

• Hedges & mitigation (e.g., “may have implications” or “suggests” instead of “proves”)

• Cohesive devices used (e.g., in order to, furthermore, also)

Observations about observations:

1. How is the writer trying to affect the reader by using the textual features observed in questions 1-6? In other words, why do the writers use the specific textual features observed? (e.g., Writer may use third person point of view to appear objective.)

Part 2:Write a 4-pages essay, I put the instructions and sample essay below.