ursci expo assignment

Hi Students,

Please support your classmates who are presenting virtually at URSCI this week on Wednesday, April 8th. Some presentations will be live, some will be recorded and some will be online poster presentations and discussions. There is a complete list of presenters here so look for folks you know or drop in to check out topics that interest you.

I’ve also made a short list of presentations by my current and former students below to give them an extra shout out. I know they’d love to have you “drop in” to see what they’ve done. My sincere apologies if I missed anyone.

Please virtually attend 2 presentations.

(Send me a brief email letting me know what you attended and 4 sentences summarizing. Thanks!!)

Poster presentations

Chelsea (Qi) Zhao

Poetics and Entrepreneurship: Analysis of Poetic Marketing on Crowdfunding Campaign Success

Sherdell Edwards

Visual Merchandising Internship: Tools & Techniques

Claire Groppe

Structured Mystery

Presentations and discussions – live or recorded, see individual links for more information

8:30-9:30 am

Natalie Stellato (photo/cinema)

Summer at Cordelia

Katie Velez (graphic design)

Showing Literary Detectives Through Graphic Design: A Reflection of the Literary Canon


Claire Groppe (fashion/design)

Claire Marie: Exploring Modesty in the Fashion Markets


Dayana Zagal (photo/cinema)

Children vs. Adults

Michal Stoklosa (photo/cinema)

Reshaping the Lens: Filmmaking and Disability