ventilated acquired pneumonia

Professional Nursing 2: PICOT Project Paper

Topic: Ventilated-Acquired Pneumonia

Question. In hospitalized ventilated patients (P) does hand washing (I) contrasted with no hand washing, other solutions, masks (C) diminish the danger of hospital acquired Pneumonia (O) during their time of hospitalization (1-3 weeks).

1. Chose 3 or more relevant articles related to your project topic and summarize how each article relates to your topic.

2. Write a separate reference page in APA format. You must use three (3) or more relevant sources; to ensure the readings are relevant and current to your topic, the selected peer reviewed article must have been written within the past three (3) years.

3. Submit a PICOT project paper between 1000-1500 words answering your PICOT question

4. Include: Abstract, introduction, findings, nursing intervention, medical intervention, patient education and conclusion.