watch and write a reflection

I will post a lecture sometime this afternoon (4/20) or tomorrow, (4/21).

^^^^^2 of these questions will be addressed specifically in my lecture.

Attendance points will be built into the quiz. Each question is worth 2 points.

  1. https:// Watch this video. (6 sentences)
    1. What is the power and control wheel?
    2. Why are the patterns used as she describes different than just doing one thing like name calling(<—— although still not good)
  2. Ellen Pence discusses the creation of the power and control wheel during the Battered Women’s movement. The Power and control wheel remains an important tool, but it has been adapted several times to fit specific populations or be more gender neutral. Why might it important to make cultural considerations or be more gender neutral when discussing the dynamics of abuse with a victim according to the lecture? (8 sentences)
  3. Read the article on elearning, Re-examing Battering and listen/watch the lecture. Why is it important to discern between ‘type of relationship violence” in terms of helping people/holding people accountable? (8 sentences)