watch video write a summery

Use the template and write a summery for each video, can be short like 4-5 sentence.

Tutorial on Employer provided Benefits

Slide 17-50

Employee Benefit Regulation

Slides 17-51/52

Group Term Life Insurance

Slides 17-53/58

Retirement saving for beginners

Slides 17-53/58

Retirement Planning

Slides 17-59/63

Qualified Retirement Plans

Slides 17-64/68

Retirement Plan Types

1. Defined Benefit

2. Defined Contribution

3. 401(k)

4. Roth IRA

Slides 17-70/78

Health Insurance Explained

Slides 17-70/78

HMO versus PPO

Slides 17-70/78

Self-Funded versus Fully Insured Medical Expense Plans

Slides 17-70/78

Cost of Health Care in United States

Slide 17-79

ACA (Obama Care)…

Slides 17-81/81

Long Term Disability

Slides 17-85/89

Social Security Facts…

Slides 17-85/89

Social Security and Great Depression

Slides 17-85/89

History of Social Security and Automation

Slides 17-85/89

How Much Will You Have in Retirement if You Earn $50,000?


Slides 17-90

Medicare and Medigap Plans

Slides 17-90/93

Future of Social Security