week 11

I will give you the login in Chat. Then

Choose ENGL-124 Class

Go to Modules-Week 11

a little bit overview for you

11.1 it just tells you what we have for that week. Nothing important.

(11.2 & 11.3) is starting About Paper 3.

11.4 is the discussion. two articles just 2 questions to answer. Everything is related to privacy that’s what next essay will be about in Rogerian Argument Model.

So Please check out week 9. (9.2 & 9.3) are about Rogerian Argument Model especially 9.3.

The only thing that has due date for this week is the discussion 11.4 due April 16th.

The other things are Materials to get ready for paper 3. Please Have a look at them. I really need to get a good grade in paper 3.

since I add two things from week 9. I raised the price.