week 3 discussion statistics

Week 3 Discussion

ALEKS Scavenger Hunt: Post one of your questions that you have worked on or are working on in ALEKS. Do not solve it. You just need to post the question as it appears in ALEKS. You should share how this topic relates to the real world or to your current or future career. For your responses to your classmates, pick a submitted problem and share a trick or strategy that you used to conquer that topic. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Below is a peer’s discussion post in which I’ll have to respond too.

LaSonia Broadnax

RE: Week 3 Discussion


Hi Class and Professor,

One of the problems I was working on in ALEKS was “Percentiles.” “The general rule is that if value X is at the Kth percentile, then X is greater than K% of the values.” In the real-world, Percentiles tells us how a value compares to other values. For instance, besides the total SAT score, you want to know the percentage of test-takers that you scored better than. The 90th percentile means that you scored better than 90% of the test takers, and only 10% scored better than you. Also, an example would be a mother wondering how their one-month-old baby’s weight compares to other babies. If the baby girl relates to the 77th percentile, then that means the little girl weighs more than 77% of other one-month-old girls, while 23% weigh more than her. Overall, percentiles in the real world are a great tool to use when you need to know the relative standing of a value. Thanks for allowing me to share.

Have a great 3rd week. Stay safe.