you are the human resource hr professional in a small united states non union company 90 employees 60 full time 30 part time providing an amp quot essential service amp quot so employees must come to work during the pandemic

You are THE Human Resource (HR) Professional in a small United States non-union company (90 employees, 60 full-time, 30 part-time), providing an “essential service” (so employees must come to work) during the pandemic.

Assuming Federal, State & local government have given no legally binding directives, what would you do: including policies you would ask the company owners to implement for your business. If you need to make other assumptions to help structure for your answer (e.g., what company does, location, other, etc.?), that’s fine, please state them:

1 – what would you communicate to employees; how would you do this?

2 – what would you communicate to management; how would you do this?

3 – what would you communicate to your customers; how would you do this?

up to 3 page submit, NO LONGER (penalize). Use Question/Answer format (20 points),

Do not plagiarize, you can cite references, but you do not have to.